Understanding Fire Safety Laws For A Safer Community | CAL FIRE
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Living responsibly in SRA zones

If your residence is within a State Responsibility Area (SRA), you’re obliged to align with California’s fire and building codes. These codes are designed to mitigate wildfire risks and ensure the safety of both your property and firefighters. 


    • Creating a defensible buffer: California mandates a 100-foot defensible space around homes in SRA zones, clearing flammable materials to slow down wildfires and provide a safe perimeter for firefighting efforts. 
    • Constructing with fire-resistant materials: New constructions must utilize fire-resistant materials, such as specific roofing, windows, and eaves, enhancing your home’s resilience against wildfires. 
    • Check local laws: Check with your local fire station about laws in your area, as local jurisdictions may have more stringent requirements. For example, in San Diego County, the 1st and 2nd zones in Defensible Space are 50 feet each, while elsewhere they’re 30 feet and 70 feet respectively.  
    • Regarding evacuation: California law authorizes officers to restrict access to any area where a menace to public health or safety exists due to a calamity such as flood, storm, fire, earthquake, explosion, accident, or other disaster. Refusal to comply is a misdemeanor. (Penal Code 409.5) 

Do your part to prevent buildings from igniting due to flying embers, which can travel as far as a mile away from a wildfire.