Wildfire ‘Go Bag’ Checklist: Your Emergency Supply Kit | CAL FIRE
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Assembling your wildfire-ready kit

Get your emergency supply kit ready well before any wildfire or disaster. Make sure it’s accessible for quick evacuation and prepare for the possibility of being away from home for a while.

Your ‘Go Bag’ should be easy to carry and access. Use backpacks to store items like essentials and personal documents. For food and water, consider a wheeled tub or chest for easier transport. Keep your bag light enough for comfortable lifting into your vehicle.

hand and flashlight


Your ‘Go Bag’ checklist

Ensure your wildfire ‘Go Bag’ includes:

  • A 3-day supply of non-perishable food & 3 gallons of water per person
  • A map with at least 2 evacuation routes
  • Necessary prescriptions or medications
  • A change of clothes & extra eyeglasses/contact lenses
  • Extra car keys, credit cards, cash, or traveler’s checks
  • A first aid kit & sanitation supplies
  • A flashlight & battery-powered radio with extra batteries
  • Copies of important documents (birth certificates, passports, etc.)
  • Pet food & water

Always have sturdy shoes and a flashlight near your bed, ready for sudden night evacuations.


Additional items if time allows

If time allows, consider adding:

  • Valuables that are easy to carry
  • Family photos and irreplaceable items
  • Personal computer data on hard drives and disks
  • Chargers for cell phones and laptops

For more information on emergency supplies, visit www.ready.gov