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Create your Wildfire Action Plan

Developing a well-thought-out Wildfire Action Plan is crucial for every household. Tailor your plan to address specific family needs and situations, ensuring everyone is well-prepared ahead of a wildfire.

The Wildfire Action Plan is available in Spanish as well. Download the Plan de Acción Contra Incendios Forestales today!

Your Wildfire Action Plan should include:

  • Meeting point: A predetermined meeting location outside high-risk areas to determine who has evacuated from the affected area.
  • Escape routes: Several escape routes, known to all in your household. Practice these often so everyone in your family knows where to go.
  • Animal arrangements: Specific arrangements for pets and larger animals, like horses and other livestock.
  • Communication plan: A family communication strategy names someone outside the area to be the main contact point for all family members if you get separated or have trouble with phone networks.

The 6 P’s of Evacuation

  • People & pets
  • Papers, phone numbers & important documents
  • Prescriptions, vitamins & eyeglasses
  • Pictures & irreplaceable memorabilia
  • Personal computer, hard drive & disks
  • “Plastic” (credit cards, ATM cards) & cash

Pre-evacuation actions

Get wildfire-ready with these key safety tips.

Keep fire extinguishers in your home, and train your family on their use. Regularly inspect them for proper functionality and expiration dates.

Make sure everyone in your household knows where your gas, electric, and water main shut-off controls are located and how to safely operate them in an emergency.

Prepare an Emergency Supply Kit for each family member, as recommended by the American Red Cross, containing essentials for immediate needs.

Store an extra Emergency Supply Kit in your vehicle to ensure access to essential supplies if you can’t reach your home due to a wildfire.

Maintain a list of emergency contacts, easily accessible both in your home and within your emergency supply kits.

Use a portable radio or scanner to stay informed about the current wildfire situation for timely decision-making during emergencies.

Share the Ready, Set, Go! initiative and your Wildfire Action Plan with your neighbors to promote community-wide wildfire preparedness.

Get your free Wildfire Action Plan

Gain peace of mind by downloading our comprehensive Wildfire Action Plan. This resource is key to effectively preparing your family for wildfire emergencies.

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