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Why you need a burn or campfire permit

Without a campfire permit or debris burning permit, you risk violating regulations, facing fines, and even criminal charges. Unpermitted fires can lead to devastating wildfires, endangering lives, property, and landscapes.

A campfire or debris burning permit signifies your commitment to understanding the rules of responsible fire use and preventing wildfires. It’s your way of protecting our state’s natural beauty.

Apply for a campfire permit now and learn more about campfire and debris burning permits by exploring our FAQs below.

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Campfire and burn permits help prevent wildfires.

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Illegal campfires can lead to devastating wildfires, endangering lives, property, and landscapes. Help to prevent wildfires by securing your campfire permit today.

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Need to burn debris? Make sure you do it safely by obtaining a debris burning permit, now available online with CAL FIRE in select areas of California.

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CAL FIRE, a dedicated government agency, safeguards California through fire prevention, protection, and emergency response. As the leading authority on wildfire prevention in California, we’re responsible for managing campfire permits and are often the first responders for floods, fires, medical aid, and more. With fire protection services covering 31 million acres of California’s wildlands, our goal is to contain 95% of fires within 20 minutes.

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What you need to know

Yes, campfires are allowed, but regulations ensure safe use and environmental protection. Enjoying a campfire responsibly contributes to California’s beauty and safety.

Campfires are permitted on federally-controlled lands and private lands owned by others. On private lands, always respect private property and obtain written permission from the landowner.

Obtaining your California Campfire Permit is now easier than ever. Our online process allows you to secure your permit quickly. Just click the link below to get started.

Campfire permits are free of charge, making responsible fire use accessible to everyone.

Here in California, there are two types of campfire permits:

  • Campfire permits for federally controlled lands: These permits grant you access to campfires, barbecues, and portable stoves on federally controlled lands, ensuring memorable outdoor experiences while prioritizing safety.
  • Campfire permits for private lands: Planning a campfire on privately-owned lands? This permit is essential. Always obtain written permission from the landowner for a responsible fire experience, respecting private property rights.

If you’re considering debris burning, CAL FIRE online burn permits are now available in select areas of California. To find out if online permits are accessible in your area, visit the CAL FIRE Burn Permit webpage. 

Before engaging in debris burning, homeowners should check with their local CAL FIRE station or local fire department. You should also consult your local air quality management agency to ensure compliance with regulations and maintain air quality standards. 

Knowing whether today is a permissive burn day in your area is a crucial step in responsible outdoor burning practices. Burn day status refers to the daily assessment of weather and environmental conditions that affect the safety and feasibility of outdoor burning activities. 

Burn days are determined by local authorities, such as the Air Pollution Control District, to regulate outdoor burning based on several factors, including: 

  • Weather conditions: This includes factors like wind speed, humidity levels, and temperature. Windy and dry conditions, for example, can increase the risk of fires spreading uncontrollably. 
  • Air quality: Monitoring the quality of the air is essential to prevent the release of pollutants and maintain air quality standards. Poor air quality can have adverse effects on public health. 

Being aware of the burn day status in your area is critical for several reasons: 

  • Fire safety: Knowing whether it’s safe to burn outdoors helps prevent accidental wildfires. Conditions that are unfavorable for burning can lead to fires getting out of control. 
  • Environmental protection: Monitoring air quality and regulating outdoor burning on poor air quality days helps protect the environment and public health. 
  • Legal compliance: Compliance with burn day status regulations is essential to avoid legal issues related to unauthorized outdoor burning. 

To stay informed about burn day status in your area, we recommend contacting your local Air Pollution Control District. They provide up-to-date information and guidance on whether outdoor burning is permitted on a given day. 

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Enjoy campfires safely in California with our free download which includes more information and tips.

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