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The story of Captain Cal

From wildland resident to fire safety mascot 

Cal grew up in the foothills of California. He lived in a community of other animals in the wildland and loved helping out. Being the helper cub that he was, he was always the first to offer a helping hand or do some heavy lifting. As he grew, he learned the power of his strength and how important it was to him to help others.  


One day, there was a massive wildfire where Cal lived. The fire spread quickly, and it seemed there wouldn’t be time to evacuate everyone out of the area. Instinctively, Cal sprang into action, getting everyone lined up and into the CAL FIRE vehicles that would lead them to safety. It was as if he were born for that work!  


Once the wildfire was under control, something really amazing happened. During the fire, people learned of the animals’ need for homes. All of the animals were adopted — including Cal! He found a home with the CAL FIRE firefighters who led the community to safety. The firefighters saw something in Cal the day of the fire and knew he had the makings of a great firefighter. They asked him to be part of the fire family, and of course he said “yes!”  


Being adopted by CAL FIRE meant a lot to Cal. Over the next several years, he trained extra hard with the firefighters. He got to ride along with the engine companies, and when he was old enough, became a part of the crew. Cal excelled as a firefighter, working his way up through the ranks, and is now a fire captain.  


Today, Captain Cal teaches others about the many aspects of safety and how to protect yourself and your family. “Safety Starts With You” is his motto.  

Materials and activities

Materials are available as described below. To request other formats, sizes, or if you do not see a link to download the materials below, please email

Help teach your children about fire safety with Captain Cal’s Fire Safe Activity Book! Available in a print-at-home and digital version. Available in Spanish.  

Captain Cal’s Fire Safe Activity Book 

Libro de Actividade de Captain Cal   

Activity book

These Facebook and Twitter headers bring campaign branding to CAL FIRE Unit social media sites. Click the links below to download headers.  

Captain Cal Facebook header 

Captain Cal Facebook header

Captain Cal Twitter header 

Captain Cal Twitter (X) header

Use these graphics on your Facebook and Twitter pages. Click the links below to download graphics.  

Fire Hazard Check 


Captain CAL hazard check social media graphic


Smoke Alarms  


Captain CAL smoke alarms social media graphic   


Fire Escape Plan  


Captain CAL fire escape plan social media graphic

Fire Safety Tips  


Captain CAL home fire safety tips social media graphic


Stop, Drop, Cover & Role 


Captain CAL stop, drop, and roll social media graphic

Need signage for your local community event or outreach opportunity? Check out this 4′ x 16′ vinyl banner. The digital files for the banner are available upon request, however printing and cost are the responsibility of the requester. If you are interested in having these files sent to you, contact  

CAL FIRE Safety Starts with You banner