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Safe target shooting

By following these steps, you can ensure your shooting doesn’t harm the environment or pose a risk to surrounding areas.

Enjoying target shooting outdoors requires careful location selection. Look for a spot with non-flammable surfaces like dirt or gravel, and practice shooting during calm, non-windy conditions to avoid the risk of igniting fires with hot bullet fragments.

For targets, opt for safer materials like paper or clay pigeons instead of spark-producing steel or rocks. This simple choice significantly reduces the chance of accidental fire ignition during shooting practice.

When selecting ammunition, consider lead core bullets, which are less likely to cause sparks compared to steel core or solid copper ammo. This small adjustment can greatly minimize fire risks.

Explosive targets should be avoided due to their high risk of causing unintended fires. Their potential for damage makes them unsuitable for safe target shooting practices.

Steer clear of incendiary or tracer ammunition in areas prone to fires. These rounds can easily ignite dry vegetation, posing a significant wildfire hazard in susceptible environments.

Always have a shovel, fire extinguisher, and extra water on hand for emergencies. These tools are essential for quickly extinguishing any fires that might start, helping to prevent their spread.

If a fire does break out, immediately call 911 and provide detailed information about the situation. Quick and clear communication is key to ensuring a rapid response from emergency services.

Download our guide to fire-safe target shooting

Enhance your target shooting practices with our expert guide. A must-read for all enthusiasts committed to safety and wildfire prevention.

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